The day of the flat fish

New spot

New freediving spot

This weekend i tried out two new spots with grate results. This area also got a strong tidal current. Nice shallow water. some of the deep spots were 11-12 meter.

Saw a few cod and ballan wrasse. The cod was around 2-4 kg and very jumpy so did not get close enough for a shot.

The flat fish was a drifterent matter. The habitat was amazing for flat fish. Strong current, shallow and nice sandy patches.  Found the biggest european plaice i ever seen! Was recovering from a dive and snorkeling like a fat tourist over a sandy area about 5-6 m deep. I see it strait away form my high point, to big to hide! The speargun is ready as i dive, the plan is to take spear it on the speargun without shooting the speargun.
Even if the plan is only to stab it i am ready to shoot if it makes a run/swim for it 🙂
Get a perfect stab and it is stuck to my speargun stoned.

I also met som angry locals that told me i was stupid to dive in that area because of boats. I calmly told him i only seen two boats in the almost 2 hours i been there and if we showed som consideration we could all be happy. Was yelled at some more before they sailed off. When i dive i always keep an aye on boat traffic and dive outside de boat lanes.

On the way back i find a nice turbot to end the day with 🙂

Total catch:
1 European plaice 3,5kg
1 Turbot 1,9kg
2 Lemon sole

Turbot 1,9kg and European plaice 3,5kg