Polloc and scallop’s

2 pollock’s 2,8kg and 5,6kg

Big pollock

Love the tidal currents! This time i was in Lukksund.
The goal was to explore som new areas and look for the big fish!

The goal was completed with a new personal best pollock 5,6kg.
Did see som BIG shy ones keeping good distanse.
My aspetto is getting better and i am starting to be back in grate form.
Normal dives was 1min to 1min 30sec and the longest dive was 2min.

Awesome vid from Lukksundet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34AGzET0ogE


Spearfishing is not the only fishing i do.
A good day by the lake landet me this dinner

7 perfect trout


One of my favoritt delicacy from the ocean is scallops!

My lates dive i went looking for the sweet scallops. To not over pick one area i was looking for a new spot. The new spot i found started with a cliff going strait down to 10 meters and den som big rocks to 17 meters. This is the most scallops i found in one spot! Every dive it was 3-6 scallops! Only thing is it got deeper quick and i try not to go deeper than 20 meters.
Just another awesome day in the amazing underwaterworld!

Freediving for scallops in Norway

My equipment 1


våtdrakt fridykking freediving spearfishing
Frivansliv optimal evo 7mm wetsuit

I use Frivannsliv optimale evo 7mm. As you can see i am thin as a match and the suit fits good. The suit is made for the Norway. Instead of nylon on it got superlycra on the outside of the suit. Superlycra is very flexible and got low water resistance compared to nylon. on other ting that is tailor made for Norwegian conditions is the hood, it got a nice fit to cover so you got les skinn touching the cold water. As you can see on the picture most of the forehead and chin is covered.

I have tried a few wetsuits that is not made for freediving before i got this one and always was cold. I was nervous buying this wetsuit one year ago in may 2016. Freediving got a big startup cost and i was scared i would not use the equipment if it was cold to dive. First dive and i was sold! And my underwater adventure started!