New personal best!

Amazing weekend!

Tried a new spot this weekend. Good strong tidal current and the area looks promising. It’s been sunny for a few days som its a big blossom of plankton and zooplankton in the surface and the visibility gets better the deeper you go.

Blue dot is were i enter the water. Red dot is were i got the cod

It’s a fun time to dive in Norway in the spring. Every time you dive its more life popping up. After about 10 dives i like theĀ area but dont see any big fish.

After swimming down a steep rock side i notice something gliding parallel to me on the left side. I notice it at the point when i was about to turn. At this point it dont look som big, turning slowly and trying to get a little closer. The shot is good. The spear gets in the head, diagonally from behind and out close to the mouth and this is when i see the size compared to the spear and it only get’s 10cm through. My speargun is connected to my float and i swim to the surface.

Taking it easy pulling the cod up, justĀ realizing how big it is when i get it in my hands. The head is massive! And the scale stops on 9,88kg!

My last personal best was the wolffish on 8,5kg from 2 weeks ago. This is turning out to be an awesome year!

Cod 9,88kg spearfising freediving
Cod 9,88kg spearfising