Nudibranch in Norway

Freediving spot norway

Discovering the small things

Tidel currents are good spots for spearfishing and is were i do most diving.
Out on the hunt for cod and pollock i opened my eyes for something new.
Diving down to 10 meters lying aspetto on a legde looking for fish.
This is when i discover som small creatures in front of me.


After getting som air and finding my camera i dove down for the photo above.
This is the first time i see nudibraches in Norway. Amazing and fascinating creatures whit small cool details. Tok one up to get some photos in the light and the red colors came out!

Nudibrach in norway

The temperatur is up to 11 Celsius and there is life everywhere under water. Unfortunately i did not see any big fish. A few small cod got to live and i found two dinner size pollock (2,5kg and 2,64kg)

Freediving in Norway
Spearfishing in Norway

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