Saturday 15 of April

The night been cold and the sky is clear. It’s 3 degrees in the air and 8 in the water. Stil quite cold but the underwater world is to amazing to stay on land.

This day i was diving at Tysnes on the west coast of Norway. Swimming close to land and out to some shallow spots. The ballan wrasse is the first sign of life. Its the first time this year i see them and its a good sign of spring, now the big fish start getting up from the deep. After ruffly 200m i find a nice crab.

Swimming a 100m more i approaches a shallow. Ther i see it, the blue/gray shadow. I understand strait away what it is but dont belive it to i dive town to take a closer look. The wolffish turns toward me and try to scare me off by showing its impressive jaws. All i think of is how massive it is and enjoy the moment. It starts swimming my direction a small kick with the fin and i got the speargun in posisjon and gets a clean shot at the head. It’s a perfect shot a few cramps and it lies still.

Wolffish jaw

The wolffish weighed  8,5kg, That’s my biggest fish ever and one amazing experiences.

Spearfishing Wolffish

Wolffish is awesome eating fish. The meat has a good consistency and the taste is very fresh.