My equitment: Speargun

Frivannsliv senior 90

Frivannsliv senior 90 speargun

Frivannsliv senior 90 speargun is my first speargun.
The spear is 130cm and 6,5mm. Two 16mm bands.

In the start it was hard to load it. Tok some time to learn the technique.
Now i used it for one year and are happy with the results. perfect all around speargun.

The time has come to look for a bigger speargun with more power.
What speargun are you using? Pleas comment below

My equipment 1


våtdrakt fridykking freediving spearfishing
Frivansliv optimal evo 7mm wetsuit

I use Frivannsliv optimale evo 7mm. As you can see i am thin as a match and the suit fits good. The suit is made for the Norway. Instead of nylon on it got superlycra on the outside of the suit. Superlycra is very flexible and got low water resistance compared to nylon. on other ting that is tailor made for Norwegian conditions is the hood, it got a nice fit to cover so you got les skinn touching the cold water. As you can see on the picture most of the forehead and chin is covered.

I have tried a few wetsuits that is not made for freediving before i got this one and always was cold. I was nervous buying this wetsuit one year ago in may 2016. Freediving got a big startup cost and i was scared i would not use the equipment if it was cold to dive. First dive and i was sold! And my underwater adventure started!

Carbon fins

Frivannsliv Hydro-Carbon freediving fins


Carbon freediving fins is my latest investment.
Eye candy to a freediving nerd like me!
Not only do they look amazing they feet perfect.

3 test dives later i not only love the look, now I love the performance!
It’s hard to describe how effortlessly they transfer the power from your foot to propulsion. You really feel the difference after using plastic fins.

Looking forward to test them out more and will keep you updated.

What type of fins are you using?
Pleas comment below