Polloc and scallop’s

2 pollock’s 2,8kg and 5,6kg

Big pollock

Love the tidal currents! This time i was in Lukksund.
The goal was to explore som new areas and look for the big fish!

The goal was completed with a new personal best pollock 5,6kg.
Did see som BIG shy ones keeping good distanse.
My aspetto is getting better and i am starting to be back in grate form.
Normal dives was 1min to 1min 30sec and the longest dive was 2min.

Awesome vid from Lukksundet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34AGzET0ogE


Spearfishing is not the only fishing i do.
A good day by the lake landet me this dinner

7 perfect trout


One of my favoritt delicacy from the ocean is scallops!

My lates dive i went looking for the sweet scallops. To not over pick one area i was looking for a new spot. The new spot i found started with a cliff going strait down to 10 meters and den som big rocks to 17 meters. This is the most scallops i found in one spot! Every dive it was 3-6 scallops! Only thing is it got deeper quick and i try not to go deeper than 20 meters.
Just another awesome day in the amazing underwaterworld!

Freediving for scallops in Norway