Polloc and scallop’s

2 pollock’s 2,8kg and 5,6kg

Big pollock

Love the tidal currents! This time i was in Lukksund.
The goal was to explore som new areas and look for the big fish!

The goal was completed with a new personal best pollock 5,6kg.
Did see som BIG shy ones keeping good distanse.
My aspetto is getting better and i am starting to be back in grate form.
Normal dives was 1min to 1min 30sec and the longest dive was 2min.

Awesome vid from Lukksundet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34AGzET0ogE


Spearfishing is not the only fishing i do.
A good day by the lake landet me this dinner

7 perfect trout


One of my favoritt delicacy from the ocean is scallops!

My lates dive i went looking for the sweet scallops. To not over pick one area i was looking for a new spot. The new spot i found started with a cliff going strait down to 10 meters and den som big rocks to 17 meters. This is the most scallops i found in one spot! Every dive it was 3-6 scallops! Only thing is it got deeper quick and i try not to go deeper than 20 meters.
Just another awesome day in the amazing underwaterworld!

Freediving for scallops in Norway

Week of the flounder

Atlantic cod and European plaice


The last two dives been awesome! Not the greatest catch but the water is getting and it’s more enjoyably.

First dive i was filming with the gopro hopefully getting out a small video soon.
Got a cod 2,5 and a plaice 1,55. (edit: Here is the video on youtube)

Second dive was with a good friend an he got his first fish spearfishing! In total we got 3 plaice and 6 European flounders.

Short update on my spearfishing. How is your hunting going?
Pleas comment below ūüôā


Nudibranch in Norway

Freediving spot norway

Discovering the small things

Tidel currents are good spots for spearfishing and is were i do most diving.
Out on the hunt for cod and pollock i opened my eyes for something new.
Diving down to 10 meters lying aspetto on a legde looking for fish.
This is when i discover som small creatures in front of me.


After getting som air and finding my camera i dove down for the photo above.
This is the first time i see nudibraches in Norway. Amazing and fascinating creatures whit small cool details. Tok one up to get some photos in the light and the red colors came out!

Nudibrach in norway

The temperatur is up to 11 Celsius and there is life everywhere under water. Unfortunately i did not see any big fish. A few small cod got to live and i found two dinner size pollock (2,5kg and 2,64kg)

Freediving in Norway
Spearfishing in Norway

My equitment: Speargun

Frivannsliv senior 90

Frivannsliv senior 90 speargun

Frivannsliv senior 90 speargun is my first speargun.
The spear is 130cm and 6,5mm. Two 16mm bands.

In the start it was hard to load it. Tok some time to learn the technique.
Now i used it for one year and are happy with the results. perfect all around speargun.

The time has come to look for a bigger speargun with more power.
What speargun are you using? Pleas comment below

My equipment 1


våtdrakt fridykking freediving spearfishing
Frivansliv optimal evo 7mm wetsuit

I use Frivannsliv optimale evo 7mm. As you can see i am thin as a match and the suit fits good. The suit is made for the Norway. Instead of nylon on it got superlycra on the outside of the suit. Superlycra is very flexible and got low water resistance compared to nylon. on other ting that is tailor made for Norwegian conditions is the hood, it got a nice fit to cover so you got les skinn touching the cold water. As you can see on the picture most of the forehead and chin is covered.

I have tried a few wetsuits that is not made for freediving before i got this one and always was cold. I was nervous buying this wetsuit one year ago in may 2016. Freediving got a big startup cost and i was scared i would not use the equipment if it was cold to dive. First dive and i was sold! And my underwater adventure started!

The day of the flat fish

New spot

New freediving spot

This weekend i tried out two new spots with grate results. This area also got a strong tidal current. Nice shallow water. some of the deep spots were 11-12 meter.

Saw a few cod and ballan wrasse. The cod was around 2-4 kg and very jumpy so did not get close enough for a shot.

The flat fish was a drifterent matter. The habitat was amazing for flat fish. Strong current, shallow and nice sandy patches.  Found the biggest european plaice i ever seen! Was recovering from a dive and snorkeling like a fat tourist over a sandy area about 5-6 m deep. I see it strait away form my high point, to big to hide! The speargun is ready as i dive, the plan is to take spear it on the speargun without shooting the speargun.
Even if the plan is only to stab it i am ready to shoot if it makes a run/swim for it ūüôā
Get a perfect stab and it is stuck to my speargun stoned.

I also met som angry locals that told me i was stupid to dive in that area because of boats. I calmly told him i only seen two boats in the almost 2 hours i been there and if we showed som consideration we could all be happy. Was yelled at some more before they sailed off. When i dive i always keep an aye on boat traffic and dive outside de boat lanes.

On the way back i find a nice turbot to end the day with ūüôā

Total catch:
1 European plaice 3,5kg
1 Turbot 1,9kg
2 Lemon sole

Turbot 1,9kg and European plaice 3,5kg

New personal best!

Amazing weekend!

Tried a new spot this weekend. Good strong tidal current and the area looks promising. It’s been sunny for a few days som its a big blossom of plankton and zooplankton in the surface and the visibility gets better the deeper you go.

Blue dot is were i enter the water. Red dot is were i got the cod

It’s a fun time to dive in Norway in the spring. Every time you dive its more life popping up. After about 10 dives i like the¬†area but dont see any big fish.

After swimming down a steep rock side i notice something gliding parallel to me on the left side. I notice it at the point when i was about to turn. At this point it dont look som big, turning slowly and trying to get a little closer. The shot is good. The spear gets in the head, diagonally from behind and out close to the mouth and this is when i see the size compared to the spear and it only get’s 10cm through. My speargun is connected to my float and i swim to the surface.

Taking it easy pulling the cod up, just realizing how big it is when i get it in my hands. The head is massive! And the scale stops on 9,88kg!

My last personal best was the wolffish on 8,5kg from 2 weeks ago. This is turning out to be an awesome year!

Cod 9,88kg spearfising freediving
Cod 9,88kg spearfising

Carbon fins

Frivannsliv Hydro-Carbon freediving fins


Carbon freediving fins is my latest investment.
Eye candy to a freediving nerd like me!
Not only do they look amazing they feet perfect.

3 test dives later i not only love the look, now I love the performance!
It’s hard to describe how effortlessly they transfer the power from your foot to propulsion. You really feel the difference after using plastic fins.

Looking forward to test them out more and will keep you updated.

What type of fins are you using?
Pleas comment below


Saturday 15 of April

The night been cold and the sky is clear. It’s 3 degrees in the air and 8 in the water. Stil quite cold but the underwater world is to amazing to stay on land.

This day i was diving at Tysnes on the west coast of Norway. Swimming close to land and out to some shallow spots. The ballan wrasse is the first sign of life. Its the first time this year i see them and its a good sign of spring, now the big fish start getting up from the deep. After ruffly 200m i find a nice crab.

Swimming a 100m more i approaches a shallow. Ther i see it, the blue/gray shadow. I understand strait away what it is but dont belive it to i dive town to take a closer look. The wolffish turns toward me and try to scare me off by showing its impressive jaws. All i think of is how massive it is and enjoy the moment. It starts swimming my direction a small kick with the fin and i got the speargun in posisjon and gets a clean shot at the head. It’s a perfect shot a few cramps and it lies still.

Wolffish jaw

The wolffish weighed ¬†8,5kg, That’s my biggest fish ever and one amazing experiences.

Spearfishing Wolffish

Wolffish is awesome eating fish. The meat has a good consistency and the taste is very fresh.